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Dungeon Crusade – Enter the World of Avalon

Category: Age: 10+ 60 - 240 Min 1 - 6 Players 2017

Beneath a village, there is an ancient dungeon, whose evil powers besiege the villagers. You have to enter this dungeon and stop those powers. Every time you enter, you must fulfill your own goal, but at the same time you may choose among some other quests.

Each hero has their own abilities, and weaknesses as well, and you are to decide if you are going to split in order to achieve more or stick together, just in case something really bad turns up!

You can search for minerals, which will make your weapons stronger or find rare artifacts. Moreover, you have your loyal dog Albus that you can send to the village to get anything you need.

If you successfully complete a mission, the village will hold a great celebration to honor you. But, don’t fool yourselves! The adventure is not over! Soon, you will enter the dungeon again and face greater challenges…

Dungeon Crusade has been inspired by classic board games, RPG and video games, aiming at taking you to the world of Avalon. You can play cooperatively or individually.

If it has appealed to you, there are many days left for you to back Dungeon Crusade on Kickstarter.

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