The Others: 7 Sins – Will They Reign?

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Category: 2 - 5 Players 2016

Cool Mini or Not, Guillotine Games and Eric M. Lang have cooperated to bring out the horror board game The Others: 7 Sins.

The fanatics of the Hell Club have summoned the 7 Deadly Sins to achieve the world’s annihilation. The Others have already corrupted society from within. The city of Haven is their main target, but luckily the paranormal organization F.A.I.T.H. (Federal Authority for the Interdiction of Transdimensional Horrors) is willing to fight against them.

In The Others: 7 Sins, one player is in control of the forces of a single Sin, while the other players control a team of FAITH heroes. The Sin tries to exterminate all the heroes and at the same time the heroes work together in order to survive the attacks and accomplish their missions.

There are different classes of heroes. Each class specializes in a specific part of the game and each hero has their own stats and unique abilities that set them apart from the others. Corruption, which is one of the main mechanics of the game, give heroes great powers, but if they get fully corrupted, their darkest secrets may come back to haunt them and jeopardize the whole team.

The Sins player can use different monsters from each Sin, which can either destroy the heroes or just prevent them from accomplishing their missions. Corruption, also, helps the Sins player to consume heroes.

The Others: 7 Sins includes seven different stories for each session of the game. Each one of them features different special rules, dynamics and missions connected to each other for the heroes to accomplish. Each story can be played on a different map setup, offering a unique experience for each session.

Eric M. Lang has designed some amazing games, such as Arcadia Quest, Warhammer: Invasion and Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game, just to name a few, and The Others: 7 Sins seems to be another amazing game to be added to the list.

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