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Stop Buying New Games. Really.


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5,000 games come out each year, and that number is only growing. From those, even after applying filter and filter to try to only play the good ones, you’re still stuck with hundreds of new games every single year. You can’t play them all. You just can’t. So stop trying to.

0:00:00 – Introduction
0:01:19 – Trying To Filter The Games
0:04:45 – Why Are You Playing Games?
0:06:00 – Trying To Filter Further
0:08:05 – Let Games Settle First
0:14:15 – Good Games Come Back (Mostly)
0:15:10 – What’s the Takeaway?
0:16:10 – Older Games Have More Information & Data
0:17:25 – Playing New Games Means Playing A Lot of Only “Good” Games

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