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Playlist of all R&R Episodes:

Playlist: The R&R Show

Extended Version of this episode:


My AEG live playthrough of Tiny Towns:

Ryan’s Side of the Epic Tiny Towns showdown:

Tiny Towns: Ryan vs. Rahdo

Long Distance Gamers

0:00 Countdown
8:20 Intro & Game Giveaway
17:02 Ruel Ranks
29:29 Trivial Pursuits
35:00 Chit Chat
41:56 Secret Word & Getting Ready
55:58 The R&R Show
Intro & What’s On Rahdo’s Table
Vivid Memories Contest
Top 10 Remote Playable Games
10. Onitama
9. Tiny Towns
8. Cubitos
7. Calico
6. Karuba
5. Sagrada
4. The Search for Planet X
3. Subdivision
2. Forgotten Waters
1. Savannah Park
1:42:23 Post-Show
1:47:33 This or That
1:57:43 An R&R-gument
2:03:43 Q&A
2:08:30 Outro

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