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Dungeons without Dragons – Kingdom Come Deliverance | Gamefound Preview


– Don’t Miss the Gamefound Campaign – – Join our Discord to play games – – TimeStamps – 00:00:00 Hello, hello 00:01:48 Overview 00:04:01 Main board 00:04:18 Player boards 00:08:04 Cards/skills 00:08:29 The app 00:13:41 Upgrading and perks 00:20:06 Stealth 00:20:40 Setting the immersion 00:21:14 Flavor text/lore 00:25:10 To back 00:28:36 Or not to back 00:32:58 That’s a preview – Check out the game on BGG for more information – – Quackalope’s PO Box – 5120 Mayfield Rd. PMB 305 Lyndhurst, OH 44124 For media inquiries – [email protected] This video is a sponsored video This game was provided by the Publisher – Our Approach to monetized Content Video – Enter the Lands of the Bohemian Crown at the onset of the Hussite wars. In times like these, trust is scarce, and faith is shaken. It is a conflict of religious beliefs that turns brother against brother, and it is the common man who pays the toll. Whether you hide in the deepest cellar or the tallest tower of a monastery, the flames of war will reach you there too. Tread lightly — and godspeed! Kingdom Come: Deliverance – The Board Game is a 1-4 player cooperative campaign app-driven board game that brings the Lands of the Bohemian Crown to your table! Live through the harrowing times and immerse yourself in this epic narrative journey in the Holy Roman Empire. Throughout the campaign, you will be able to develop your characters and encounter new challenges on your journey. Each scenario in a campaign is a completely unique experience, bringing you to new locations and introducing new people. The game features a living world that remembers – characters will react to your actions, and you’ll be able to observe their behavior. But don’t waste your time – guards are patrolling at every step, so tread lightly, because they’re not keen on people like you. The app will give you all the information you need for every scenario – from the setup to the tear-down. As you enter each location, you’ll be greeted with a rich world to explore, and it is up to you to decide where to go first. Throughout the game, you’ll be accompanied by an adaptive sound design – your actions will not only alter the story, but also the vast soundscapes. Every dialog and conversation is professionally voice acted, immersing you in the world even more. —description from the publisher – Secret Hidden Channel – #Boardgames #Quackalope #kingdomcomedeliverance

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