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Top 10 Predictions 2020 Kickstarter


Kevin looks at ten future Kickstarter campaigns in 2020 and predicts how much money each of them will raise.

Transhumanity – Mindclash Games
Wonderland’s War – Druid City Games/Skybound Games
Return to Dark Tower – Restoration Games
Hel: Last Saga – Mythic Games
Oath – Leder Games
Mortal Kombat 11 – Jasco Games
ISS Vanguard – Awaken Realms
Ankh: Gods of Egypt – CMON
Frosthaven – Cephalofair Games
7th Citadel – Serious Poulp

Honorable Mentions
Viscounts of the West Kingdom – Garphill Games
Tortuga 2199 – Grey Fox Games
Dead Reckoning – AEG
Rocketmen – Phalanx
Dragonball Z – IDW/CMON
Kingdoms Forlorn – Into the Unknown
Mythic Battles: Ragnorok – Monolith
Teburu – CMON

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