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Old Salt – Story of a game | s02 e11


This is the story of Old Salt with Thanos! The game is now Live on Kickstarter: Publisher: Never Board Games Designer: Tim Ferry III Legend holds that Old Salt was a teller of stories to sailors during long voyages across the open waters. These stories often intermingle and thus may overall be truthful, half-true, or fiction and traditions of mariners are passed from generation to generation as told and retold by old salts. Each narrative told by an old salt tends to have the aim of enhancing the reputation of the old salt, the old salt’s companions, or the old salt’s forbearers. Each battle you wage is a tale recounted by the Old Salts for centuries to come. This is a review and overall presentation of the game. Timestamps: Intro 0:34 Story of the Game 0:53 Setup 1:35 How To Play 2:11 Outro 4:11 **Our stories… made of board games ❤ ** Join our facebook group to get updates and enter exclusive contests! Visit our website to watch videos from your favorite channels. Contact us at: [email protected] #BoardgameStories #review #oldsalt

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