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Rove Interview – Launch Date, Pledge Levels, Details & More!


BoardGameCo Patreon (Exclusive Content) – Twitch: Camp_Coop – Our Super Secret Not So Secret Channel – Daily Pictures & Stuff! – Follow Along – ROVE is an immersive “big box” high fantasy board game for 1-4 players. Set in a wild and vibrant universe, players will adventure through the campaign as they unlock new skills, equipment, and classes as they fight their way for survival throughout the magically-empowered wilderness in strategic turn-based gameplay inspired by classic strategy-RPG video games from the 90s. The game is played using a set of books that make setting up and tearing down the necessary game pieces quick and contained to a smaller space needed on a table. Each player has a hand of skill cards that will change during gameplay, requiring everyone to plan our their turns carefully to execute the strongest combinations. Adversaries execute their turns using a behavior table that will add extra wrinkles to the strategic process. Each encounter provides a unique challenge that tests your ability to cooperate with your fellow Rovers to defeat wild creatures or malignant foes, rescue tribal villages from untimely destruction, and establish safe havens in the untamed frontiers. The campaign has numerous narrative choices that will affect where your adventure takes you and the state of the world. The alliances you form and tribes you visit will have a significant impact on how a campaign will unfold. BGG Link – TimeStamps: 0:00:00 – Overview 0:00:30 – Launch Date 0:01:48 – What Is Rove? 0:03:05 – Content 0:05:58 – The Main Reason To Play Rove 0:08:45 – Cost 0:11:47 – What’s Next for Addax & Rove? 0:12:35 – The World of Rove 0:14:00 – Classes & Characters 0:16:05 – Pledge Levels 0:16:50 – Where To Find Out More 0:18:20 – Wrapping Up Upgrade Your Game At Top Shelf Gamer (Referral Link) My Game Table (Non Referral) For media inquiries, please email me at [email protected]

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