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How to play Turtle Splash board game | Story of a game – S3 E10


Hi! I’m Thanos!
This is my How to Play video of Turtle Splash board game by Gigamic!

Link to the game:

Description of Turtle Splash board game:

On this beautiful sunny day, all the animals of the jungle have arranged to meet each other at the lake for a game of hide-and-seek. But the turtle is late, as always! In order to quickly meet with her friends, she decides to slide along the river splashing everywhere, to drive her friends out of their hiding places.
So, your goal is to find all the hidden animals before all the other players do and win the game!

Slide and steady wins the race!

It’s hot! All the animals of the jungle are meeting at the lake… But Turtle is late, as usual. How can he join his friends as soon as possible? Slide down the river!

With a flick, the players propel the turtle into the lake, then flip over animal tiles to advance on their personal board. Who will be the first to find all their animals?

Board game credits:

Designers: Joel Escalante, Rafael Escalante
Artist: Maïa Zeidan
Publisher: Gigamic

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