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Good Backs Vs. Bad Values – Not Everything That’s Worth It Is Worth It


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There are so many times where I say a game will hold it’s value…and yet that doesn’t mean you should back it. The reverse is true as well, many times a game is a bad back, but you should totally get it later. There’s good backs and good values. They aren’t the same thing and should be treated differently.

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0:00:00 – Introduction
0:01:55 – What Is A Good Back?
0:03:25 – What Is A Good Value?
0:04:15 – Subjective vs Objective Determinations
0:06:50 – The 4 Buckets
0:07:19 – A Good Back & A Good Value
0:10:00 – A Good Back & A Bad Value
0:12:40 – A Bad Back & A Good Value
0:14:25 – A Bad Back & A Bad Value
0:17:20 – What’s The Takeaway?
0:18:20 – Be More Critical With Your Own Spending
0:20:38 – Or Don’t
0:22:07 – Wrapping Up

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