...Some stories are but candles while others burn bright like a dragon’s breath and every single one has the potential to change the world, for better or for worse.... There are those who come eager to share their stories and those who believe their deeds amount to nothing not realizing that stories are like a beacon and even the brightest beacon is nothing more but a million little lights. These are the stories of the Inn.

The Inn Is Open...

Stories of the Inn

First impressions

19 February, 2017 | Your Opinion
The waitress tells me that you asked for a strange story. Well my time is expensive so I require payment up front, gold if you please but I’ll take Silver as well. What is that? Platinum? Well, we have a... more!

What are the odds?

21 November, 2016 | Your Opinion
One of the best moments I can remember from board gaming is the time when I was playing Avalon: The Resistance. It was one of the first games that introduced me into the Hobby and as it needed many players,... more!