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Welcome to the… Darkest Dungeon!


And so, the Quest Begins… Welcome to the “Darkest Dungeon: The Board Game”, the new Mythic Games miniature board game is coming to Kickstarter on October 20th! Immerse yourself in a universe of darkness, where bravery and fighting skills come with fear and death.

In “Darkest Dungeon: The Board Game”, you play as brave adventurers who struggle to defeat the evil powers of the Darkest Dungeon, before death or, even worse, madness comes to them.

Heroes are humans with different skills coming from different backgrounds, who will venture together into the dark rooms of the dungeon. There are four different fighting areas, the Stances, in which each of the hero belongs. Those of the Aggressive stance can confront all kinds of threats throughout a fierce battle with their massive weapons and their well-developed instincts of survival. Heroes of the Defensive Stance can spot their enemies’ weaknesses and employ various tactics that will offer them effective means of fighting against the horrific monsters. Acrobats, archers and slingers are the heroes who make up the Range stance, being there to wipe their opponents out through their dexterity skills. Last but not least, the Support stance will offer the protection and guidance that their allies will need during the combat, by healing them or practicing different magic powers.

Now, let us move on with the gameplay of the Darkest Dungeon. The players open the door and reveal a room card. Each hero entering the room stands on their own space based on their stance. Monsters, which may be of various levels of potency and size, do the same as monster cards are revealed one by one.

Then, the time for the combat has come! Both heroes and monsters get activated, perform actions and make their attacks against each other, by drawing initiative cards. When activated, heroes can move, interact, change stance or use their skills. However, the actions that monsters can take vary according to their stance and behavior. Movement plays a vital role since the position of both heroes and monsters can significantly change the balance of the combat.

Players draw initiative cards, and heroes and monsters are activated alike, as rounds pass. Always keep in mind that monsters are favored as the torchlight goes dimmer, and after four rounds have passed, the heroes will have to retreat and exit the room. Take some time to heal for another battle will follow soon.

The evil monsters are there waiting for you in the Darkest Dungeon on October 20th! Are you ready to throw yourself in those deadly paths and emerge victorious?


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