Character Meeples – Get Ready for a Wholly New Gaming Experience!

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All of us at some point have definitely thought how much more enjoyable it would be if every board game had detailed, full-color meeples depicting every character of the game, instead of having just simple one –color pawns. Well, here they are! 82 new character meeples are coming to be added to many of our favorite games! Some of them are to be used in particular games, whereas some others can be used in any game you love!

These character meeples are made of wood and they are painted on both sides, rather than simply having stickers.

Some of the games for which the character meeples are intended are Codenames, Colt Express, Near and Far, Stone Age, Imperial Settlers, Champions of Midgard, Aquasphere, Forbidden Island, Forbidden Desert and many more! There are, also, Animals meeples, Greek Mythology characters, as well as other characters, such as Pirate Captain, Buddha, Ninja, Knight, Dracula and Space Marine, just to mention a few. Awesome!

The campaign has been funded on Kickstarter and we can expect these character meeples to be available in 2017.

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