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Invisible Sun is a tabletop roleplaying game of surreal fantasy. It is a game of immersion and escape.

Players create in-depth and intricate characters where the house they live in is as important as their stats and skills. Character choices determine everything, with game rewards based on personalized story arcs, and emergent mechanics arising not just from character creation, but also from ongoing character development. However, in the end, it’s not the game mechanics that dominate gameplay, but roleplaying.

Player characters in Invisible Sun discover and utilize secrets. These secrets often involve the very nature of the universe, and those who master such secrets can change nature. This is magic and therefore, players are magicians and sorcerers called vislae. The way they utilize their magic – casting spells, creating objects of great power, entreating with otherworldly spirits – is up to them.

Invisible Sun has been designed around overcoming players’ everyday life and schedule of the modern world, with gameplay options that deal with missing players, solo play integrated with group play, playing online and more. It is a game that encourages players to think about the game away from the table and rewards them for that. This is for those who enjoy committing to the characters and the story.

It’s not really designed for casual sorts of play. It is character-focused with individual story arcs, deep development, nonlinear narratives and asymmetrical play. If you’re the kind of players who enjoy thinking deeply about your character between sessions, the settings and the events in the game, then Invisible Sun is definitely a game for you.

Escape the real world, enter a new world of surreal fantasy and find the Invisible Sun.

Invisible Sun has been on Kickstarter and will be running until September 16th.

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