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Delve If You Dare…

Category: Age: 14+ 45 - 60 Min 2 - 4 Players 2017

Skull Cavern is challenging you to seek your fortune deep into its dungeons, where gold, treasures and hidden dangers await! Do you dare enter?

Delve is a tile placement game, where you play as brave delvers, who have set out on an adventure in Skull Cavern. Each turn, you lay down a dungeon tile and then you place a delver facedown to explore the room and search for loot. As soon as a room is completed and there are two or more delvers, they have to roll dice and battle for the loot in that room. And if there is only one delver in a completed room, don’t think that things will be that easy for him, because in this case, an encounter card is drawn and that delver resolves the challenge of the card, which might be a test or a fight.

The game ends when the Sun track comes to its end or when there is no more gold left and the player with the most gold is the winner of the game.

Delve seems to be a really exciting dungeon building game of adventure. It has been up on Kickstarter where it has already been funded and there are many days to go if you feel like backing it!