The King’s Abbey – Who Will Be the Greatest Architect?

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Category: Age: 12+ 90 - 180 Min 1 - 5 Players 2016
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The King’s Abbey is a worker placement game set in 10th century Europe. The Dark Ages has been a time of war and sickness and the economy and trade have been in decline, as has the building activity, since no cultural achievements have been made anymore. However, King Sivolc has hoped that by constructing a great gothic structure, the Dark Ages could be left behind forever. For that reason, he is having the greatest architects along with monks complete this great abbey he has dreamed of and change the course of history!

Each player takes on the role of an architect and has their own player board which represents the abbey they are about to build. Each architect works with the help of ten monks that are represented by dice and they are assigned to different places of the board, in order to gather resources, construct buildings, train the clergy, bring in peasants and defend their abbey against the darkness.

Players gain prestige points every time they complete crusades or they construct different kinds of buildings in their abbey. As the game proceeds, the darkness becomes greater and famine, depression and raiders threaten your abbey. That’s why its defenses should be strong enough to withstand this dark period. The player with the most prestige points after seven rounds wins the game!

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