Kindred Fire – The Full-Length Campaign for Road to Legend

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Category: Age: 14+ 120 Min 1 - 4 Players 2016

This is Kindred Fire, the first full-length campaign for the Road to Legend app of Descent: Journeys in the Dark. It is coming out by Fantasy Flight Games and you can download it for free!

When the Road to Legend app came out, it included the Rise of All Goblins mini-campaign, which was a taste of what we will experience in Road to Legend. Now, Kindred Fire is here and it offers you a full-campaign in the realm of Terrinoth.

Let us remind you that the Road to Legend app allows players to play cooperatively as heroes, since the app takes on the role of the overlord and its monsters. Moreover, there is an alternation of the heroes’ and the monsters’ rounds, while you will explore the map of each quest step by step, as the app reveals one tile at a time, which means that you do not know what you are going to face as you move into the dungeon.

While the Rise of All Goblins mini-campaign gave you a taste of the adventure in the realm of Terrinoth, Kindred Fire expands your scope. For the first time in Road to Legend, Kindred Fire offers a massive array of options, as over twenty new quests enter the game. Furthermore, there are eight additional side quests, including the two side quests from the Rise of All Goblins mini-campaign and can now appear in any Road to Legend campaign, in Kindred Fire and beyond.

What is more, you will find six bonus quests, one for each of the six currently released Descent expansions, from Lair of the Wyrm through Mists of Bilehall. For each expansion that you own and add to Road to Legend, you will unlock a corresponding bonus quest, which will reveal the unique tiles of the expansion. Once unlocked, those bonus quests will appear as side quests in any of the Road to Legend campaigns.

In Kindred Fire, you find yourselves in a village where everything has been utterly consumed by fire and everyone has been burnt to death. You only notice a single pair of footsteps leading out of the village and into the wild. Although it seems that Merick Farrow is responsible for this disaster, you will soon discover that the truth is far more complex, as you will find yourselves in the middle of a titanic struggle between the great powers of darkness in Terrinoth. If you want to survive, you must find out the truth.

With Kindred Fire, you must adjust your game. For example, you have a limited number of weeks between the story missions and you must choose carefully how to spend these weeks. By playing the side quests, you will have the chance to collect XP and gold, however, you must balance that against the need to spend a week returning to the relative safety of the city of Tamalir.

By going back to Tamalir, you will manage to reset your team’s morale, since as we have already mentioned in previous article, every time that a hero is knocked out, morale is decreased by one, and if a hero is knocked out while morale is at zero, then you immediately lose the current quest! So, going back to the city is of vital significance. There, you can, also, spend your gold in order to buy weapons, armor and items.

You may, also, notice that successes or failures on your quests can have consequences for you as the game proceeds. For instance, you may successfully complete a quest, but you may have failed to kill a monster. That monster will come back and haunt you in a later quest, along with all the standard monsters of the new quest. This means that the overall structure of Kindred Fire shifts and adapts according to your actions.

Because of people’s great interest in Road to Legend, Fantasy Flight Games allows you to download the Kindred Fire campaign for free! Don’t waste time!

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