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Ruel and I talk about some cool new recent games!

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0:00 Countdown
8:19 Chitchat
24:33 Top 3
37:58 Trivia
42:22 Ruel Ranks
50:03 There Can Be Only One!
54:54 Contest Giveaway
58:37 Show Prep
1:05:12 The R&R Show #38
What’s on Rahdo’s Table
Contest Details
Channel Announcement
Crowdfunding games coming to the channel
Aeon’s End: Past & Future
(link coming soon)
Bark Avenue
The Breach
On Tour Paris & New York
(link coming soon)
Tiny Epic Vikings
10 Upcoming Crowdfunders
10. The Gig
9. Diamond Dig
8. Robomon
7. Kabuto Sumo Total Mayhem & So Much More!!!
6. Fliptown
5. Kingdom Builder Empire Edition
4. Andromeda’s Edge
3. Oranienburger Kanal
2. Wayfarers of the South Tigris

1. Castles of Burgundy Special Edition
1:51:53 Recording forgotten sections from the show
2:03:36 Games that just missed the top10
2:06:36 Q&A
2:18:54 Outro

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