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Salvage: Deep Space – Preview | Story of a game | s03 e08


Hi! I’m Thanos!
This is my preview video of Salvage: Deep Space board game by 3301 Games!
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SALVAGE: Deep Space is a co-operative legacy tabletop game for up to four players that places emphasis on customization, narrative, and teamwork.

To uncover a compelling narrative woven from the results of their own choices, players will group together to perform missions as Salvage Suit Pilots in command of fourteen foot tall Exo-Mechs. During these incursions, gameplay will take the form of tactical-combat where players make decisions and roll dice in support of individual miniatures that navigate hexagonal tiles to salvage technology, combat adversaries, and unlock additional story details and twists. The player objectives are dependent on each individual mission where success or failure will be largely determined by a team’s willingness to work together and adapt to an evolving board state.

When not performing missions players will be prompted by both systematic and random story cues through a choose-your-own-journey style narrative book. These prompts will be evaluated for success or failure against a team’s Qualifications: attributes that were chosen during the pilot creation process. Successful navigation of these moments may result in additional missions, unlocked technology that can be bought and applied to your pilots, and additional Exo-Suits.

SALVAGE: Deep Space is a sprawling, legacy-style game that is ultimately won through completion of its story. How it is completed and the subsequent results are up to the choices of the players and their crew of pilots.

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