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Top 10 Games We’ll Never Get Rid Of | The R&R Show #16


This episode sponsored by IMPORTANT NOTE: Rude, dismissive or diminishing comments are NOT ALLOWED and will be removed. If you cannot treat everyone with kindness and respect, this is not the place for you. Please see for more. Thank you! Help keep Rahdo running @ !!! And now… the 16th episode of The R&R Show! Rahdo and Ruel talk board games they’ll never part with! For more Ruel, check To enter the contest, send the name of the game where the secret word was mentioned in the subject line of an email to [email protected] 🙂 Playlist of all R&R Episodes: C4 Labs Master Craft Dice Trays on Kickstarter: Keep the Heroes Out Late Pledge Page: Extended edition of the show: 0:00 Intro 5:04 Contest time 8:47 Top 10 Games Intro 12:20 10. Crokinole 16:22 9. Glory to Rome 19:19 8. Kohaku 22:44 7. Roll for the Galaxy 26:34 6. Samurai 30:24 5. Castles of Burgundy: Anniversary Edition 34:45 4. Paperback 38:04 3. Shadowrun Crossfire 43:42 2. Ticket to Ride 46:50 1. Pandemic 50:30 Outro ……

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