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Okko Chronicles: Cycle of Earth – Ramparts of the Empire – Story of a game | s03 e02


Hi! I’m Thanos! This is my story of Okko Chronicles: Cycle of Earth – Ramparts of the Empire!
The game is now Live on Kickstarter:

Okko Chronicles – Ramparts of the Empire features the legendary Rônin and his fellow travelers who, taking refuge in strongholds scattered throughout the mountains, must fend off the countless invading armies of Karasu before they breach the Pajan.
During a game, each player will choose to embody one of the Heroes. Together, they will have to make the best decisions to ensure that the fortress can withstand the repeated assaults of the undead.

Okko Chronicles – Ramparts of the Empire can be played in cooperative or semi-cooperative mode:
In semi-cooperative mode, one of the players will play as Black Tiger, an evil ninja, a former hero corrupted by necromancy, who has infiltrated the fortress to facilitate the arrival of the Karasu era!
In cooperative mode, a deck of Black Tiger Reaction cards will allow you to make this dangerous opponent act.

During a turn, each player plays one or two of their action cards; these cards give them advantages to perform the 3 actions they have.

A game ends:
– when all the Heroes are put out of action or when one of the fortress walls gives way completely, leaving the Pajan Empire to the undead,
– or when the last wave of the Karasu army breaks on the defenses of the fortress, thanks to the arrival of the Pajan army.
But beware, other parallel objectives can also influence the course of the story.

The game is part of the same range as the Okko Chronicles Water Cycle. It can be considered as its sequel but the game mechanics are different and they can’t be played together.

Publisher: The Red Joker
Designer: Frédérick Condette, Hub
Artist: Hub

Intro 0:00
Story of the Game 1:29
How To Play 2:18
Tikku’s Memoirs 6:11
Outro 7:33

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