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Nexum Galaxy – Kickstarter Interview

Category: Age: 12+ 25 - 55 Min 1 - 4 Players 2021

…and we had the chance to get some inside info of the game from the designer of the game!


1. Hello! Please tell us a few things about yourself!

I am architect, urban planner, project manager and I like many other creative activities as painting, writing, designing games…I have been living in Europe, Asia and The Middle East, and I like the more I know about other people and cultures.

2. Please give us some info about Nexum Galaxy. What is the game about?

You manage a civilization fleet, one of the Humanity descendants, who are going to do whatever they can to pick up the Technological Relics, semi buried in some Planets from the different Galaxy Sectors to get the NEXUM Knowledge that will give you the Universe control.

3. What is included in the Asteroids expansion? Is it the fourth X or does it bring more to the table?

It becomes a 4X game because of “eXploration” as you can increase your technology level to explore Exotic Systems and asteroid clouds by Collecting asteroids, mining Nexum crystals and improving the SpaceShips.
In addition to solitary, AI as added players and Cosmic Events modes, there are also another new interesting game modes: Campaign through the Galaxy mini map, tournament, adventure and the multi-battle mode up to 16 players joining 4 games, using wormholes to transmit spaceships and resources between sides.
Moreover, the events are catchable and positionable by players on stage to defend or attack the others.

4. What was the greatest challenge that you faced during the designing and development of the game?

Maintain, through staging and mechanics, the feeling of being the owner of your own decisions, of being able to navigate in space, that the game does not drag on and will work with the minimum number of elements and rules possible, relate your fleet growing up with your good resources management, avoid the territorial effect, the snowball effect, the Nash equilibrium, prolonged endings or no reaction capacity, chance without reaction capacity, king-making effect, the coherence of the rules with the theme …

5. Would you like to share some key elements that you are excited about? 

Yes, the miniature spaceships we sent to Outer space, 32.600 meters high, as we recorded the Earth and the black space and the spaceships pursuing through the Stratosphere, suffering less than 40 degrees, voyaging up to 300 km/h and with a lot of difficult technological systems thanks to Inzpace people. We recovered the spaceships and now they are rare special space pieces installed in some dioramas.

6.What kind of gaming experience does Nexum Galaxy create?

The base game gives you strategy with some similar things to classic chess, Risk or Stratego, but avoiding full evening long games, as an example, and with the Outer Space as dreaming mean.
The expansion game (which is added to the core game) gives more immersive sensations because allows you dedicating more time and extended resources to explore, improve, and experiences more things in your “safe” adventure. At the same time it maintains the “keep it simple” motto.

7. What kind of players are going to enjoy the game?

The base game is perfect to play with people that are not use to complex rules or long games, and at the same time with a lot of strategy inside to make think those people who are used to play hard games. Ideal for solitary, or up to 4 players
The expansion game is for people who like to feel the maximum experience with long and exciting battles or campaigns. Also for tournaments in association or big group of friends. From 1 to 4 players but with a maximum of… 16 players!

8. Are there any thoughts of future expansions, different game modes, maybe other galaxies?

I have lots of things written and in prototypes. Different places of that Universe, different moments, and different strategy scales. There is a several thousand of millions of years’ time-line designed with all the evolution of the four main civilizations, and some more, their Three old codex, etc. If they will be brought or not to this Universe, it will depend on the people who will ask or not for it.

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