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Doublehead Kids – How to Play

Category: Age: 6+ 30 - 90 Min 4 - 6 Players 2019
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This is a How to Play video for Doublehead Kids with Carl! Doublehead Kids is a party game, i.e. the four players form two teams: the party with the princesses/prince pair and the party without the princesses/prince pair. As a game goal, each team tries to bag more silver winning coins than the opposing team. A total of 240 silver winning coins can be collected in a game round with 12 duels (tricks). The party with at least 121 silver winning coins wins the round and receives victory points in the form of gold coins. Furthermore, additional victory points can be gained through special points. Visit our website to watch videos from your favorite channels. Contact us at: [email protected] #howtoplay #doubleheadkids #boardgamestories

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