Make Your Attack and Kill the King

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Category: Age: 14+ 30 - 60 Min 2 Players 2016
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Kill the King is a strategic board game, in which two players control one army each and fight against each other on the castle walls and on the battlefield.

One player aims at attacking the castle and killing the king, whereas the other player’s role is to defend it and protect the king. The defenders’ cavalry is on its way in order to reinforce the castle’s defense forces, so the attackers must be fast.

Apart from the normal mode, Kill the King also features two alternate game modes. The first one is a standard battle between the two players on the field outside the castle walls. The second one is a giga mode of the normal mode where you combine two game boards. One player defends the combined castle of the two game boards, while two players working together try to attack the castle, each one from a different side.

The different game modes and the different ways in which players can combine and play their army and soldiers allow greater replayability.

Kill the King has been up on Kickstarter, having already reached its funding goal.

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