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7 POUNDS of Jurassic Gaming is coming your way! – Board Game News


Determine dino destinies in the huge new Jurassic World legacy-style game coming from Prospero Hall, subvert the Sinister Six in Marvel Champions, indulge in some very real Fake Chess, perform a little Alchemy, sell out for three billion dollars, and much more! It’s all the latest board game news for December 2021. ⭐—– THIS EPISODE BROUGHT TO YOU BY: —–⭐ Legenday Gamer Contest This is your LAST CHANCE to enter Upper Deck’s Legendary Gamer contest! πŸ’¬—– QUESTIONS? COMMENTS? —–πŸ’¬ Please don’t hesitate to comment below, but abide by our Code of Conduct: πŸ‘—– SUPPORT WATCH IT PLAYED —–πŸ‘ Subscribe! Join the Watch It Played Patreon Team! πŸ“£—– THIS EPISODE’S TOP STORIES: —–πŸ“£ 00:00 Intro 00:28 Jurassic Word: The Legacy Of Isla Nublar 02:24 Legendary Gamer Contest (sponsor) 03:37 Street Fighter: Miniatures Game 04:17 Marvel Champions: Sinister Motives 04:57 Zombicide: Ghostbusters add-ons 05:57 First They Came RPG 07:21 Fake Chess RPG 08:04 Flat River buys Greater Than Games 08:50 Asmodee buys Exploding Kittens 10:10 BREAKING NEWS! 11:42 Magic The Gathering: Un-Finity 12:44 Magic Arena: Alchemy 13:57 Werewolf Movie announced 14:42 My Journey To Catan book πŸ‘•—– GET STUFF! —–πŸ‘• Find exclusive board game promos at: Shop our TeeSpring Store (shirts, mugs and more): Get the Watch It Played Game Shelf poster and track your game plays: Get a BoardGameGeek “Watch It Played” Microbadge: The BoardGameGeek list of ALL our videos: 🎬—– EVEN MORE CONTENT… —–🎬 Check out Rodney’s personal vlog here: @Rodney Smith Email: watchitplayed(at)live(dot)com Twitter – Watch It Played: @watchitplayed Twitter – Rodney: @RodneyJSmith Twitter – Chaz: @DiceParadise Twitch: Facebook: Instagram: @watchitplayed We truly appreciate your views, likes, feedback, subscriptions, and fossil records. #WatchItPlayed #BoardGameNews #CultOfTheNews

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