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This Is My “Not A Video” Video, Thanks For Being Here


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I’m tired today, so I’m doing this instead of a typical video. I mean I could just not do a video entirely….but that’s not as much fun. So thank you for being here.

0:00:00 – I Don’t Even Know How I’ll Time Stamp This
0:01:00 – Dying Light
0:03:55 – Jack Reacher & Other Books
0:05:30 – I Try Not To Stop
0:08:10 – Tick Tick…Forgot What I Was Going To Say
0:10:08 – Upcoming Movies
0:11:03 – Let’s Talk About Spiderman (not the newest one)
0:19:10 – So What’s Next?
0:20:15 – Developer Duck
0:21:20 – What Now (I Played Cartographers Heroes & Read Quest Kids)
0:23:05 – Wrapping Up

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