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When Is It Time To Get Rid Of A Game?


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I get rid of games every single month. But when? And why? What are the prompts to get rid of one game but leave another? The answers will be different for each person, but here are the things I consider when getting rid of a game or not.

0:00:00 – Introduction
0:02:00 – If You Don’t Like It
0:03:15 – You Have Direct Replacements You Prefer
0:05:00 – You’ll Always Pick Another Game Over It
0:07:31 – Campaign or Legacy That You Know You Won’t Finish
0:09:05 – When You’re Done With A Legacy Game
0:09:57 – When You’ve Finished A Campaign
0:11:30 – When You’ve Finished The Scenarios
0:13:38 – You Know You Won’t Get It Played Due To…
0:15:36 – Inconsistently Good Plays
0:17:20 – When Your Desire To Play An Unplayed Game is Going Down
0:19:39 – Every Play Requires A Rules Refresh
0:21:15 – You’re Keeping It For Others….And They’t Playing It
0:22:40 – You Want Everything…But You Can’t Justify It
0:24:15 – When You Have A New Version Coming
0:25:20 – When You Only Want The Game If They Come Out With An Expansion
0:27:45 – Wrapping Up

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