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Light Hunters: Battalion of Darkness – Fight for a New Dawn

Category: Age: 10+ 15 - 30 Min 2 - 8 Players 2017
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You are a mighty hero from a distant land and  even though you once were bright and glorious, now you have been exiled and are doomed to live in the darkness. The time has come for you to regain the glory of your past and be free again. For this reason, you are going to join up with other heroes and summon the Spirits of Light, so that you will eventually crush the enemy battalion.

Light Hunters: Battalion of Darkness is a Heroic Fantasy card game, in which you have to build your battalion and eradicate all enemy forces. All heroes from the remaining team will have achieved victory and will be free to return to their own worlds.

Two teams of the same number of heroes are built and placed face to face, and each player can control one or more heroes. Each time you are about to play a skill of a hero, you have to refer to the Spirits of Light cards and to the Ether level that is available during that round. When the round of a hero is finished, the following hero begins his turn. The battalion that has defeated the enemy camp wins the game, and its heroes go back to their world and get the glory they have sought.

Light Hunters: Battalion of Darkness has been launched on Kickstarter and is almost funded. The campaign is set to go until May 28th.

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