Splendor – Print n Play (Requires the base game)

Age: 10+ 30 - Min 2 - 4 Players 2014

This file contains a set of new Noble tiles that will enrich your Splendor games. There is one limitation though; you cannot use two Noble tiles that have the exact same characteristics. This file also contains our promotional tile for the Cities of Splendor expansion. You need the expansion to use it.

This tile is to be added to the Cities module and its validation is very simple: you must have at least 29 Prestige Points, minus 1 Prestige Point per Development card you own.

For example, you can validate it when you have 15 Prestige Points (among your cards and nobles) AND 13 cards in front of you.

We recommend that you use a thicker type of paper to print these tiles.


Requires the original board game to play

To unlock the print n play files