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Dice Daily News – Side 2

18 January, 2017 | Your Opinion

Hello fellow gamers, Days of Wonder have announced their next big release with Yamataï. Designed by Bruno Cathala and Marc Paquien and illustrated by Jérémie Fleury, this gorgeous looking area management game has players competing for prestige from the queen... more!


Candy Chaser

19 December, 2016 | Your Opinion

Goal of the game and gameplay overview You are a cute little illegal candy smuggler. Your kids would kill for... more!

Mondrian: The Dice Game

12 December, 2016 | Your Opinion

Essen Spiel 2016 has brought to us a lot of games varying widely in complexity. One of the “easy” ones... more!

Arkham Horror The Card Game

1 December, 2016 | Your Opinion

The end is near! …but this is only the beginning… of the end! What drives a man insane is things... more!

Aye, Dark Overlord!

26 November, 2016 | Your Opinion

So, you and your friends have decided to engage in some light storytelling in between your heavier games. Well done!... more!

Bim Bum Bam

18 November, 2016 | Your Opinion

Goal of the game and gameplay overview Are you tired of not being the one that won the Nobel Prize... more!

Betrayal at House on the Hill – Widow’s Walk Expansion

5 November, 2016 | Your Opinion

You have just entered… The door locks behind you… You and your friends are stuck here and cannot get out!... more!

The Pursuit of Happiness

26 October, 2016 | Your Opinion

I guess you have probably played Life in your awkward youth, right? If you haven’t, it’s not a problem, because... more!

Happy Pigs

10 October, 2016 | Your Opinion

Goal of the game and gameplay overview As you may guess, in this game each player takes the role of... more!

Seasons Review and Artwork

2 October, 2016 | Your Opinion

I felt like writing a review on Seasons, although I’m aware of the fact that it’s been quite some time... more!

Escape the Curse of the Temple

17 September, 2016 | Your Opinion

The reason I’ll be talking about Escape the Curse of the Temple instead of the more recent Escape Zombie City... more!