OKKO Chronicles – “Page 2” Prototype and OKKO Images

Category: Age: 13+ 120 Min 1 - 5 Players 2018
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Following NOBURO, OKKO the Ronin now enters the scene! Okko is a Demon Hunter with a mysterious and dark past who wanders around the Pajan Empire searching for Onis and other… creatures.

Below you can see the images of the main character of this exciting Universe! There is also the character card with the character’s stats, background story and special abilities.

Finally you can see photos of a prototype laid on the table as a warm up to get us into the game! Red Joker announced that OKKO Chronicles will be a game of dark investigations inside Imperial Palaces for 2-5 players. More will be revealed soon!

Well that’s all for now! Until next time… Oh wait!  I think I see someone approaching… If my eyes are not fooling me… its…. YES! Its NOSHIN! The third character of our story which will be revealed in the next article. Noshin is a monk who can communicate with the Kamis (nature’s spirits) and with a special preference for saké! Cheers!

In case you have missed it, you can read the previous article of OKKO here.

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