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OKKO CHRONICLES – “PAGE 7” Setsuka Warrior

Category: Age: 13+ 120 Min 1 - 5 Players 2018
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Our last Hero in the OKKO Chronicles base game is Setsuka,  a noble heroine from the Bashimon Clan.

As presented in the Okko comic book, Setsuka is a beautiful samurai,  a proud and fearless warrior also known as “Little Crab” because of her missing left arm. Despite her volatile temper, Setsuka is a respected commander and a shrewd tactician.

In Okko Chronicles, Setsuka begins the game by choosing a Follower (see “Page 6”). She may choose between Nuuk the Nezumi, the courageous and faithful rat-man or Eiko Bashimon, the dead-eye arquebusier.

As the day of the Kickstarter campaign approaches (late October), its time to enter the Palace of the Mists and reveal some of its hidden secrets! In the next “Page” we will present this mysterious location in which our series of thrilling adventures takes place.

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