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OKKO CHRONICLES Kickstarter campaign launches on Tuesday, October 24!

Here’s The announcement by The Red Joker:

OKKO CHRONICLES is the product of thousands of hours of work, which has been as hard as it has been exciting. It also encompasses two themes that we at The RED JOKER are particularly fond of: Feudal Japan and High Fantasy.

As with any epic feat, there are those without whom this game could not have been created. Chief among these, of course, is HUB, whose universe and saga are as fabulous as they are breathtaking. Also the game’s co-author, HUB has worked tirelessly to create a multitude of original characters and many new and beautiful illustrations, specifically for this project. His efforts include an incredible gallery of characters, both heroic and terrifying, along with all manner of equipment and objects and the artwork for the board’s tiles. In total, we have no less than sixty new images created exclusively for this OKKO CHRONICLES.

We also invite you to explore the work of the renowned sculptors who have brought their amazing talents to OKKO CHRONICLES. In alphabetical order, they are: Arnaud Boudoiron – Patrick “The Small” Masson Sculpture – Stéphane Camosseto and Valentin Zak. We’re sure you will agree, their skill and attention to detail has brought HUB’s incredible artwork to life!

Over the course of these updates we have already shared a lot of information about what you can expect to see in OKKO CHRONICLES; however, this is just the tip of the iceberg! So, to accompany Okko and his companions on their perilous investigation through the Palace of Mists, we invite you to join us on October 24th 2017 as we begin the next chapter in this amazing adventure.

May the wisdom of the Kami guide you, Tsû!!”

Read the full OKKO story here. Below you will find all the images we published on our articles and stay tuned for the upcoming Giveaway of the game!

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