OKKO Chronicles – “Page 4” Noshin and Components Preview

Category: Age: 13+ 120 Min 1 - 5 Players 2018
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And after this short “interruption” by the terrible Oni Kage, Noshin approaches to help our group solve the mysteries and banish the demons from the Pajan Empire!

Noshin is not a master in martial arts or use of weapons but he possesses great wisdom and knowledge. He is a servant and master of the Kamis (nature’s elements). He can communicate with the Kamis and provide solutions to the party when everything else has failed. These abilities will be of great assistance to the investigations and the hunt of the Onis.

What makes Noshin so special though is that apart from being a monk with great powers and abilities he is also a human with “weaknesses” and “strange” habits! Particularly one unusual habit! He has a special preference for… Sake. Whenever he can find the opportunity (when OKKO looks away) he grabs a bottle of Sake to quench his thirst and satisfy his need!

Stay tuned because more will be revealed in the upcoming weeks until the Kickstarter launch! May the Kamis be with you!

Read the full OKKO story here.

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