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Are You Ready for Maximum Apocalypse?

19 April, 2017 | Your Opinion
You may think “Zombies again?”, “Apocalypse again?” Etc. but common, who doesn’t like survival games?! The tension, the epic battles, the adventure, the terroooor! Also, there are not only zombies here, but aliens and mutants to smash around! THEMATIC OVERVIEW... more!

DiverCity – Save the Coral Reef

6 April, 2017 | Your Opinion
The archipelago and its coral reefs are threatened because of fishing, petrol and tourist industries that take advantage of its resources. You are a team made up of divers, researchers and scientists and your goal is to protect the archipelago and... more!

The Banishing Is Here!

20 March, 2017 | Your Opinion
A new game is here from WizKids! It’s The Banishing, a cooperative game which takes place in a world that is under the threat of undead creatures and you are the guardians who will save humanity! Everything started when a dark... more!