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Ninja Taisen Is Coming

22 April, 2017 | Your Opinion

Two villages have been at war for quite long, but the time has come for the final battle that will determine who is going to prevail. For this reason, the leader of each village has gathered the best Ninjas to... more!

Will You Rise to Nobility?

8 April, 2017 | Your Opinion

In a magical land of heroes and villains, the Elf Princess has become the High Queen of the Five Realms and has built a new capital, the white-walled city of Caveborn. This is the only chance she has to make... more!

Tower of London Is Coming

29 March, 2017 | Your Opinion

A new game has been announced by WizKids, Tower of London. In this game, you fight in order to get control of the tower, and ravens and Beefeaters are going to help you win. During your turn, you play two... more!